Roofing Services

☑ Residential Roofing
☑ Commercial Roofing
☑ Industrial Roofing
☑ Government Roofing

Roofing Service Cedar Crest

Roofing Specialization

☑ Inspection and Surveys
☑ Flat Roof and Pitched Roof Installations            
☑ Single Ply, Shingles, Metal and Tile
☑ Maintenance and Preventive
☑ Maintenance Plans
☑ Roof Replacement

☑ ​Renovation and Restoration
☑Sprayed Polyurethane Foam (SPF) roof systems
☑Spray Foam Roof Repair + Maintenance
☑Coatings Silicone and Acrylic
☑Custom Metal Roof
☑Trim Fabrication and Installation

The best roofing companies in New Mexico have a few things in common.  You will find quality service, professional installers, and quality roofing materials. Furthermore, serving the Cedar Crest area is important.  But what sets one apart from the next? Attention to detail, a variety of roofing options, and a commitment to outstanding results are just some of the ways Sodo Construction and Roofing do their part to exceed expectations.  They can accommodate both small roof repairs or entire roof replacements.

From residential roofing to industrial roofing, Sodo Construction and Roofing has you covered.  They provide a variety of services that include flat roof repair, roof inspections, or a maintenance plan to help prevent future costly roof disasters.  They can do custom metal roofing, tpo roofing, or shingles.  Look no further for your next roofing installation.