Roofing Services

☑ Residential Roofing
☑ Commercial Roofing
☑ Industrial Roofing
☑ Government Roofing

Where do you go when looking for roofing options in Los Lunas?  A great place to start is with a roofing company with strong values and a commitment to outstanding results. Whether you need industrial roofing or a residential roofing project, Sodo Construction and Roofing can help.
We can supply material to replace or repair many roof types.  We do custom metal roof installation or provide the best roofing shingles for your roofing project. Also, we have many options for your flat roof repair.   

With regular maintenance and preventative measures, hopefully, you can avoid a roof replacement.  We can help with a maintenance plan to keep you from needing costly roof repairs in the future. And if you do need repair or replacement, we have highly skilled roofers to perform the roofing repairs or roof installation.

Roofing Service Los Lunas

Roofing Specialization

☑ Inspection and Surveys
☑ Flat Roof and Pitched Roof Installations            
☑ Single Ply, Shingles, Metal and Tile
☑ Maintenance and Preventive
☑ Maintenance Plans
☑ Roof Replacement

☑ ​Renovation and Restoration
☑Sprayed Polyurethane Foam (SPF) roof systems
☑Spray Foam Roof Repair + Maintenance
☑Coatings Silicone and Acrylic
☑Custom Metal Roof
☑Trim Fabrication and Installation